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Beginner Technique

Beginner Technique
Small Group Lessons

The beginner technique lessons are perfect for those who already have a bit of experience in belly dancing. You'll get the chance to revisit the fundamentals and, step by step, challenge yourself with more intricate moves to enhance your dancing abilities. It's a fantastic choice if you're looking to boost your skills.

No audition is required to join the beginner class. However, if needed, I will consult with you to ensure you are in the class that best fits your level. If you are not sure about your level, feel free to book a private lesson to asses your skills and decide what class fits you best.

Check out the All Group Lessons page to explore different curriculums and levels. 

Study more, pay less!

Purchase any five lessons simultaneously, regardless of content, level, or date, and receive a ¥1,000 automatic discount.

Beginner technique
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