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Monah Zayn

Yokohama Belly Dance Studio

Pursue a graceful feminine body and an enriched power of expression


El Baladi Ya Walla



開催日: 2024年7月20日 (土)

Sensual and passionate dancing

Belly dance originates from the Middle East and is known for bringing out the natural beauty of a woman's body, emphasizing curves and lines. It is an ancient and enchanting dance, often characterized by its passionate and sensual movements. It is also regarded as a dance of fertility and is performed on festive occasions to celebrate and wish for abundance.

Prioritizing joy and growth

At Monah Zayn Belly Dance Studio, I teach authentic Egyptian-style dancing. I aim to create a studio environment where the relationship between teacher and student goes beyond the ordinary, fostering an atmosphere of joy and growth.

I prioritize not only practicing captivating dance moves but also learning the meaning behind them.

My services

Simply put, I am here to make you better. I offer a wide range of belly dance-related lessons and workshops catering to individuals of all levels, from beginners to instructors.

My focus is on one-on-one and small group (maximum three students) lessons so I can make sure you get all the attention you deserve

I am also available for performance requests. If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. 

Art needs freedom

It is well-known that most dance schools in Japan prohibit double schooling. At Monah Zayn Belly Dance Studio, I value freedom, and I do not prohibit double schooling. Learning from teachers with different styles can help you develop your unique style. Furthermore, belly dance is a form of artistic expression, and I firmly believe that art should always be entirely free.